Ind vs Eng 3rd test: Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal


Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal

Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal and said, ”Where the ball bounces, it is our strength, it gives us balance, gives us very good results, or you know, we will get results as we get older. We don’t have the power to control a few things. Although we do not discuss whether rank turner is necessary or not.”

”This is what we have done on the day before the match, how much effort you have done on that day, the curator decides which pitch he will make. Let’s see what strength we have whether to play or compete.”

”In South Africa, when we won a test match, everyone found out which wicket was there, or in the last 3 test matches we played, we faced different challenges, in the first test match the ball was moving, it was slow in vision, or As the game progressed, the wicket became slow. Here on the first day the wicket was played well and first three day the wicket was good. Today we have seen that the ball is turning more. This is the nature of India, these pitches are found in India.”

Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal

”But if we found rank turner then obviously we will chance the rank turner also. I haven’t said anything about Jaiswal yet. Everyone is talking about this, now we should play, playing well, is good for us. He is in good form, I am going to say much more on that.”

Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal
Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal

”Look, I have not seen Sarfaraz Han batting, but I have heard about Sarfaraz from all the people, all the players in Bombay have heard about Sarfaraz. When he scored runs for Mumbai in a very difficult situation, it showed what kind of mind set he played with, how he approached the game, or scored big runs like not 70, 80, 100, 120, he made double century or 300 runs.”

”So he is hungry to run, he has been playing domestic cricket continuously for 4 or 5 years. He was trying something, that is why he was running consistently. Even here we have not discussed or told any plans. I know that if you open it, it will reduce the chances of being playing good game, which I heard from Bombay players.”

”Whenever a debutant play his first game, he get nervousness, but I did not feel that Sarfaraz was nervous, early in the morning when the cap presentation happened, then he felt quite emotional but when the match started he entirely went on to the match, he wanted to differentiate the game from his bat. With fielding, with his energy, he was able to win everything. It was quite nice to see his performance. Honestly know I thought the game will go on for fifth day. 130 over required to get them out for us. But the bowler specially Jaddu played their role and finished the game on fourth day.”

Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal
Rohit Press Conference praise Sarfaraz & Jaiswal after 3rd test match against England

”Even in the Vizag test match actually, it was very much balanced for both teams when they batted in the second innings, there is not much in the wicket, but one part can put pressure on the opposition both the test match in Vizag and this one was quite satisfying because winning test match is always hard and where ever you play and whichever part of the world. Every test match you don’t get results on the first or second day, you have to wait for the fourth or the fifth day.”

”Which was why I thought, honestly to answer that question of yours, which test match I would rate better as a victory both of them were quite important in the context of the series, having lost the first game, where we actually came close to winning the game.”

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