Cummins unveils Australia’s strategy for managing Indian crowd during the 2023 World Cup final


Cummins unveils Australia’s strategy for managing Indian crowd during the World Cup final

Captain Pat Cummins of Australia encourages his team to welcome the experience of playing in front of a passionate Indian crowd during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup final on Sunday at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad on Nov 19, 2 pm.

Cummins unveils Australia's strategy
Cummins unveils Australia’s strategy

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Cummins unveils Australia’s strategy

As Australia, the five-time Cricket World Cup champions, gear up to compete against India on home soil in Ahmedabad, the stakes are high for both teams. The vast magnitude of the occasion is highlighted by the anticipated presence of 130,000 fans in the stadium. Pat Cummins, the Australian captain, is well aware that the majority of those spectators will likely be cheering for the home team, adding an extra layer of intensity and pressure for his side as they aim to secure another World Cup title and add to their already impressive trophy cabinet.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the grandeur of the occasion at Narendra Modi Stadium, Pat Cummins encourages his players to harness the energy of the partisan crowd to their advantage. Recognizing the potential impact of passionate fans, Cummins aims to instill a mindset in his team that views enthusiastic support as a source of inspiration and motivation. As the World Cup crown is set to be decided on Sunday, Cummins hopes his players will thrive in the charged atmosphere and turn the support, even if largely against them, into a driving force for success.

“The crowd is obviously going to be very one-sided, but in sport, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing a big crowd go silent and that’s the aim for us tomorrow,” Cummins said on Saturday.

“You’ve just got to embrace every part of a final. Every cheer, every challenge, and every moment on that grand stage – it’s all part of the journey to seize the trophy.”

“Even in the lead-up, there is going to be noise and more people and interest, and you just can’t get overwhelmed. You have got to be up for it, and you have got to love it. Embrace the excitement and intensity that comes with the occasion.”

“And just know, whatever happens, it’s fine. You just want to finish the day with no regrets.”

Australia has secured a spot in the final with an impressive record of eight consecutive victories. However, this accomplishment is somewhat overshadowed by India’s remarkable 10-game unbeaten streak in the tournament. Notably, India achieved a commanding six-wicket triumph over Cummins’ side earlier in the competition, adding an intriguing narrative to the upcoming final showdown.

Even though India is considered the clear favorite in the title decider, Cummins expresses confidence that his team is steadily gaining self-assurance and is poised to reach their peak performance in the final. Despite the challenges, the Australian captain believes in his team’s ability to step up and make a strong contention for the World Cup title.

“What’s particularly pleasing for us is that I still feel we haven’t played the perfect game. Perhaps against the Netherlands, but aside from that, we’ve faced challenges in every win. We’ve had to fight for each victory, and different players have stepped up at different times,” Cummins explained.

“This gives us confidence, understanding that we don’t have to be at our absolute best to challenge any team. We can find a way through and all the boys draw a lot of confidence from that as we head into tomorrow.”

While Cummins concedes that he isn’t an expert in predicting how the Ahmedabad pitch will behave, the Australian captain anticipates a high-scoring final. This expectation is based on the observation that several significant totals have already been achieved on the ground during the tournament.

Cummins unveils Australia’s strategy and also foresees dew playing a role, especially for the team bowling under the lights, as temperatures are expected to cool off with the setting sun in India’s west.

“This city and venue seem to have more dew than many other places we play,” Cummins remarked. “That’s something to consider for tomorrow, and it might become more noticeable in the last quarter of the game. Once it settles in and the ball starts sliding on, it’s quite different from the first 20 overs where there might be some swing.”

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